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Operating with its vision of becoming a world brand in insulation, ODE continues to exposure in overseas exhibitions in line with its goal of breakthrough in export. ODE Yalıtım displayed its products in three different exhibitions organized in Iran, France, and Dubai in 2017, and was the only participant from Turkey in its own product group in the IEX USA exhibition that was last held in USA on 12-13 December 2017.

With the vision of becoming a global brand in insulation, ODE has completed the first phase of its new investment, and has started producing in the Eskişehir factory. The first phase consists of 30,000 m2 indoor area it is used  for the production of bitumen membrane, which is the main material of waterproofing insulation. According to ODE’s Chairman, Mr.Orhan Turan, with this new investment in Eskisehir, the total production capacity for bitumen membrane will be more than 30 million square meters annually, and ODE will be the leading firm in waterproofing insulation.
ODE was Granted the Second 5 Years in TURQUALITY®
As the first insulation brand joined in TURQUALITY® Support Program, the first and only government-backed branding program in the world, in 2010, ODE has been entitled to receive support for 5 more years due to its continued successful work.
2 Great Prizes Awarded to ODE by Global Leaders of Insulation

Global leaders of the sector awarded ODE as the “Insulation Company of Year” and ODE’s CEO Orhan Turan as the “Businessman of Year in Insulation Sector” during 10th Global Insulation Conference which is one of the outstanding organization of global insulation sector.


ODE Yalıtım was awarded for its success in Export on its 30th year
Exporting 4,000 different kinds of insulation materials to 75 countries ODE was awarded by Air Conditioning Industry Exporters’ Union (İSİB) for its export performance in 2014.
ODE Yalıtım is proud to obtain EUCEB certificate in its 30th year
Celebrating its 30th anniversary, one of the major players in insulation industry, ODE Yalıtım has completed its certification process that started in 2014 for Ode Starflex Fiberglass and obtained its EUCEB certificate
ODE Yalıtım attended Turkeybuild Exhibition in its 30th anniversary with its Renewed Environment-Friendly Products
Showcasing its environment friendly products renewed after R&D works in Turkeybuild Exhibiton held in İstanbul between April 21st and 25th, ODE Yalıtım drew attention mostly to ODE Starflex Fiberglass Multipack packaging system.
ODE, featured on the most important global media channels, reached out to almost 23 million readers from 5 different countries

Besides exhibiting at the Turkey’s leading insulation fairs in 2014, ODE participated to the top 10 international exhibitions of its sector from America to China, Saudi Arabia to Moscow as the only Turkish company invited to these prominent global sector gatherings, and ODE is featured on the most important global media channels in December and reached out 23 million readers from 5 different countries.

ODE Insulation Company ranked 102nd on Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s Second Top 500 Industrial Organizations List

ODE, growing by 60 % in 2012 and 2013, rose up and beat 16 more companies on the “Turkey’s Second Top 500 Industrial Organizations” List

ODE elected as “Turkey’s Most Competitive Company”
ODE Yalıtım won the “Large Scale Enterprise Category 2013” prize at the Competitive Power Awards as Turkey’s most prestigious organization held for the 4th time by TÜSİAD, SEDEFED and Sabancı University.
ODE left its mark on the insulation exhibitions in both, Turkey and Germany during the same week.
Taking part in ISK-Sodex 2014 and Construction Fair Turkeybuild hosting the most important gathering in the Turkish sector, ODE was the only company to represent Turkey during the ISO 2014 Expo in Cologne as one of the most remarkable trade fairs of Europe in the technical insulation field.
With its innovative products, ODE attends 3 exhibitions in a week…

Maintaining a special place in the insulation industry with its dynamic approach, ODE takes part to introduce its innovative products in ISK-Sodex 2014 and Construction Fair hosting the most important gatherings of Turkey’s specific industry and ISO 2014 held in Cologne as one of the leading trade events of Europe in the technical insulation field.

ODE continues to be the leader of environment-friendly activities: 100% Ozone Friendly Production!
Concentrating its activities on the goal of a more habitable world and identifying its brand with the motto “Insulates the future” to adopt as its mission to protect the future of the world, ODE puts this mentality in practice with tangible works.
ODE renewed its logo and motto: The Company’s sustainable future mission has moved to the corporate identity

Representing Turkey in 65 countries across 5 continents around the globe with over 28 years of experience in the insulation field, ODE has reflected the change and regeneration process over the recent years also on its logo. Offering timeless insulation solutions to both, Turkey the world, ODE has modernized the design of its logo to reflect innovation, change, the future, and growth. Maintaining its faith in each and every step which serves a more habitable world, ODE has focused on the mission of creating lasting values for the future and changed the company motto as “Insulates the Future”, with this perspective. 

ODE Insulation Reaches for the Sky in Russia
Having launched ODE Russia in 2013 and aiming at expanding its business with the CIS and other countries in the region, ODE has accelerated its activities in Russia.
ODE Insulation reaches 14 million Russian readers through Russia’s leading newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda and Kommersant

ODE Insulation reaches another 14 million Russian readers through Russia’s leading newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda and Kommersant.The new 16-page edition of Global Connection was published in Pravda and Kommersant, the most acclaimed newspapers of Russia on 31 March 2014, one day before the MOSBUILD Construction trade fair held in Moscow. Reaching approx. 14 million readers and also distributed across the Mosbuild fair venue, the latest issue of the magazine extensively featured ODE Insulation.


ODE Insulation and dealers celebrated their success in 2013 in Lviv and Zanzibar.

Having closed the year 2013 with success, ODE hosted its dealers which contributed a great deal to this growth, in Ukraine and Africa…


ODE Represented the Turkish Insulation Sector in AHR Expo in the USA

ODE Insulation was the only manufacturer to represent Turkey in the insulation sector at AHR Expo HVACR show as one of the world’s largest expositions held in New York, USA and attended by a large number of global players.

ODE draws global attention of professionals to industrial insulation

The 100% Turkish brand ODE, which represents Turkey in the international arena of the insulation industry, hosted the sector professionals during the Industrial Insulation and Energy Efficiency Seminar held at Radisson Blu Asia on January 7, 2014. The opening speech of the seminar which took half a day and held by ODE, constantly keeping the critical importance of insulation for energy saving in the agenda through its pioneering efforts, was held by Bahri Türkmen, Chairman of the Turkish Society of Plumbing Engineers, and Orhan Turan, Board Chairman of ODE.

ODE celebrated the achievements of 2013 with its employees

The traditional end-of-year dinner party of the Çorlu manufacturing plants of ODE Insulation, a local power rapidly becoming a global brand, was held in Çorlu. During the dinner which was also attended by Orhan Turan, Chairman for ODE Insulation, employees who served the Company for 5 and 10 years were awarded thank you plaques.