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About Us

ODE Insulation was founded in 1985 as a contractor in construction industry. In 1988, the company made a strategic decision to specialize in insulation industry. ODE started importing insulation products in 1990 and in 1996 the company became a manufacturer in insulation industry. Today, ODE manufactures insulation materials under 2 main categories; Building Insulation and HVAC Insulation. Its building insulation materials are Isıpan (Extruded Polystyrene Foam), Membran (Polymer Bitumen Based Waterproofing Membrane) and Starflex (Glass Wool). Its HVAC insulation materials are Starflex (Glass Wool) and R-flex (Flexible Elastomeric Foam). As of today, ODE is one of the biggest insulation manufacturers in the region. It manufactures and exports 4,000 varieties of insulation products to 75 countries.

Over the years, ODE became a regional leader and recently in 2017 the company has completed the first phase of its new investment and started producing in its new factory in Eskişehir, Turkey. Once the second phase of this investment is completed and the production capacity in technical insulation (HVAC) is increased, ODE will be the biggest manufacturer in technical insulation between China and Germany.

Besides, ODE Insulation has identified 15 target countries for its export under Turquality brand building program. Currently ODE is focusing on these countries in order to develop its distribution channels. In 2015, ODE became the first and the only company in insulation industry in the region that has Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate for all of its product range, which means that ODE products are internationally approved and they are in accordance with the European standards.

ODE insulates the future and it will keep investing in the future by transferring its 30 years of experience in insulation to create a sustainable environment for the next generations.