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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Founded in 1985, ODE insulation has built its own values depending on its corporate culture and social responsibility as a lifestyle. ODE has accomplished all of its activities by taking into consideration of being voluntarily respectful to the today’s societal and environmental facts. Regarding this business approach, the team of ODE has worked very hard to be more beneficial and offer a better future to the society. It adopted the idea of anti-discrimination, transparency, and commitment to its values following company’s vision.

This report is ODE’s first Corporate Social Responsibility Report, also within Turkey, it has initiated its first report as an insulation company. During the preparation of this report, ODE’s social responsibility projects, inside and outside training programs, communication with shareholders, awards and certificates, non-governmental foundations, collaborations with the universities and sponsorships, workforce profile, occupational health and safety, eco-friendly productions and products are mentioned as subject headings considering total operations, which have been accomplished by ODE insulation from the past until present.

As a part of the society that we live in, the foundation of ODE’s idea of social responsibility contains not to be hesitated to take any kind of responsibility for a better future. In the report, under the subject heading named as ‘Environment’, it determines one of ODE’s crucial roles where it mentions that the improvement of the life standard is an element of preserving the environment and the natural habitat. To avoid harming the environment, there are some precautions taken during the process of creating ODE’s products. Also, ODE rests assured to create compatible products with the environment and the health safety of the human kind. Later on, it guarantees its eco-friendly products with the safety product certificates. ODE’s products indirectly aid to lower the needs of energy overall. Thus, the products help decrease the economical gap in the country. ODE’s environmental policy includes the preservation of the ecological diversity, decrease in energy consumption, acknowledging the shareholders about recycling usage of the products, environmental management, and lastly, energy efficiency.

As ODE, we tried to avoid any kind of negative cause of environmental damage. Hence, we preferred to share this report solely on our website rather than printing it out.

To download the Corporate Social Responsibilty Report, please click here