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Adopting ODE Total Quality Management, R & D works increase the standards of waterproofing membranes with production, service and after-sale support services.

Waterproofing feature of bitumen, which was known for several eras, was developed with polymer additives such as APP and SBS and its specifications of full water impremeability, long life and easy application in various climate conditions were perfected.

A phase change occurs, when high rate bitumen and low rate polymer compounds are mixed in a temperature, which is above the melting degree of the polymer; and polymers define the specifications of the mixture.


APP modified bituminous membranes

  • Excellent climate performance
  • Easier to apply in high temperatures
  • High UV resistance
  • Long weathering process
  • Ideal for vertical application
  • Reasonable costl
  • Quality-cost efficiency

SBS modified bituminous membranes

  • Excellent climate performance
  • Easier to apply in low temperatures
  • High transformation capability
  • Facilitation in recessed, projected and
    detailed applications
  • Can be applied with performance on building elements that has high transformation values such as steel roofs.

Mechanical properties are determined by the carrier (Fiberglass / Polyester Felt)

  • Fiberglass carrier ensures dimensional stability; but can only engage in limited transformation.
  • Polyester felt allows high transformation possibilities; but shows limited dimensional stability.
  • What is important at that point is not the weight of the carrier, it is rather the homogenous
    impregnation of the polymer bitumen with the carrier and the evaluation of the results under
    laboratory conditions.


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