2 Great Prizes Awarded to ODE by Global Leaders of Insulation

Global leaders of the sector awarded ODE as the “Insulation Company of Year” and ODE’s CEO Orhan Turan as the “Businessman of Year in Insulation Sector” during 10thGlobal Insulation Conference which is one of the outstanding organization of global insulation sector.

ODE has launched several pioneering studies for improving the Turkish insulation sector and become one of the leading players of the insulation sector with its innovative aspect; the company continues to support national and international events on its 30th year. ODE expedited its investments and operations in parallel to its globalization vision and hosted the 10th Global Insulation Conference & Exhibition, which is one of the prominent organizations of global insulation sector, in Istanbul on 29th and 30th of September.

Istanbul step of 10th Global Insulation Conference & Exhibition hosted nearly 200 delegates from over 30 countries and thus the event has reached to the widest audience, so far. The event served as a platform to share the latest products, practices and technological developments and to discuss the current events as well as taking the first steps of important international cooperation. The 10th Global Insulation Awards, which is one of events held during two-day organization, is based on participant’s votes and awarded ODE as the “Insulation Company of Year” and ODE CEO Orhan Turan as the “Businessman of Year in Insulation Sector”.

‘Insulation might save 8.5 billion dollars’

ODE’S CEO Orhan Turan gave the opening speech of the organization and he expressed his gratitude for hosting the organization in Istanbul; “We are very pleased to see that Istanbul is hosting this outstanding organization, I have personally attended for several years, on its 10th year and we are honored to say we worked hard for it. As a company that has been leading improvement of Turkish insulation sector for 30 years,  we are very proud to host such a substantial organization as well as being recognized by the global leaders of our sector while we are trying to expand our investments and exportation goals.” Orhan Turan shared material information about insulation, energy and construction sector and added that Turkey imports 75 % of its total energy needs and the energy cost was 55 billion dollars in 2014; residential buildings accounted for 20 billion dollars of this amount. Mr. Turan highlighted that Turkey has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey for the past 10 years and the sector has promising future growth; insulation might save 8.5 billion dollars alone.