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ODE embarked on its business journey in 1985 with contracting operations. In 1998, ODE decided to move forward in the insulation industry, one that would serve Turkey's need. Having become an importer in 1990 and a manufacturer in 1996, ODE now manufactures products in 2 main categories, Building and HVAC insulation. ODE is now among the largest manufacturers of the insulation industry with 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, over 4 thousand product varieties, and expert workforce.

We manufacture extruded polystyrene thermal insulating material under the brand of ODE Isıpan; polymer modified bituminous waterproofing blankets under the brand of ODE Membrane, glass wool products used for heat and sound insulation and fire safety under the brand of ODE Starflex; and elastomeric rubber foam insulating material under the brand of ODE R-Flex.

As its Eskişehir Manufacturing Facility comes into play, ODE which currently exports to 6 continents aims to increase its export capacity even further, and become the leader in waterproofing in Turkey.

ODE reflects its social responsibility awareness to all its operations, and is the first company in the insulation industry of Turkey to publish a "Corporate Social Responsibility Report". Furthermore, ODE has been the first among its peers to earn the internationally recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate which is compatible with European standards and which applies for all markets to all heat and water insulation products manufactured by ODE in its facilities in Çorlu.

Having implemented pioneering efforts toward raising public awareness of insulation and energy awareness, and taking care to be involved in projects that will hand down permanent value to the future, ODE changed its company motto to "Insulates the Future" in 2014. In knowledge of the universal responsibility of being in the global market, ODE continues to operate as a company which encourages its social stakeholders through visionary and innovative work.

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