ODE Insulation - BIM Library

ODE Insulation - BIM Library

ODE Insulation, a pioneer of the insulation sector with five modern production plants, wide product range, and expert personnel are making their mark with yet another innovation.

As a significant step of the "D" - Digitalization aspect of KOD 2020, ODE Insulation's motto for 2020, we are offering our technical insulation BIM Library for the use of you, our valued stakeholders.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is the process implementing integrated approach systems, which are the future of the building industry we serve, has become a global standard for international building projects.

What is BIM (Building Information Modelling)?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process which begins with the creation of a smart 3-D model, and facilitates the interdisciplinary coordination of a project throughout the project's life cycle (planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance) as well as the simulation of the project. Designing projects with BIM systems leads to efficiency in processes and consequent reduction in costs, as well as time saved through prevention of possible errors and overlaps.

The ODE BIM Library which is ODE Insulation's service to the sector is an extension which enables you, through the product modelling it includes, to easily select the product you will use on pipes and ducts you have created in your installation design and to add insulation automatically.

The ODE BIM Library is based on the Revit 2019 version. The smart objects included in the ODE BIM Library contain all the technical data you require.

We wish this effort will be a resource that benefits all our stakeholders.

Download the BIM files to your computer from here.