Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

ODE Insulation, whose foundations were laid in 1985, has built all its values on its style of life based on corporate culture and social responsibility ever since. ODE Insulation has carried out all of its activities voluntarily, based on regard for the environment and society. Within the framework of this business perspective, ODE Insulation has toiled with all its strength to better benefit our society and to make a better future for it; and has embraced as the cornerstones of its company vision the principles of transparency, commitment to ethical values, and fighting discrimination.

This, ODE's first Corporate Social Responsibility Report is the first report prepared on this subject in the insulation sector of Turkey. The report expands on the topics of social responsibility projects successfully realized by ODE since the past, internal and external training programs, efforts for communication with stakeholders, ODE's awards and certificates, collaborations with and sponsorships of non-governmental organizations and universities, ODE's workforce profile, its policy for workers' health and safety, its environmentally friendly production and products.

Beyond being conscious of needs as a part of the society in which we lives, at the foundation of ODE's philosophy of social responsibility lies ODE's determination to stop at nothing to take responsibility in making life better in our country, and even the whole world. Protection of the environment and the natural habitat, the most significant component of improving our lives is discussed under the title of "Environment" in ODE's social responsibility policies. ODE continues to take necessary measures to avoid harming the environment, and to work to render its products compatible with the environment and with human health, and to document this compatibility through certification. Insulation materials manufactured by ODE indirectly reduce our country's energy requirement, and make significant contributions to the reduction of the current account deficit. All occupations from preservation of ecological diversity to reduction of energy consumption, from using recyclable materials to educating stakeholders in environmental management and energy efficiency are covered by ODE's Environmental Policy.

Since the printing of the report would lead to unfavorable environmental effects, it was decided to share the report with the public over the Internet.

You can find the report here.