ODE continues to be the leader of environment-friendly activities: 100% Ozone Friendly Production!

Concentrating its activities on the goal of a more habitable world and identifying its brand with the motto “Insulates the future” to adopt as its mission to protect the future of the world, ODE puts this mentality in practice with tangible works. Taking part in the project Umbrella which was launched in Turkey in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and UNIDO in 2009, since 2010, ODE is among the first companies to accomplish the project. Having completed the 2-year R&D process to discontinue the foam industry’s use of HCFC gas which results in ozone layer depletion within the project scope, ODE engages in 100% OZONE FRIENDLY manufacture owing to the new production system gradually introduced since 2010.

Expressing ODE’s happiness to accomplish a project of this kind and to lead the industry, the General Manager Ali Türker noted, “Each of us must assume big tasks for the future of the world, and especially the industry sector. The insulation industry is also required to take serious measures in an effort to increase the protection of any inhabited area in this regard. Just because we accomplished the Umbrella project, we as ODE will not stop but move forward with increasing efforts. Owing to the 2-year process conducted by our R&D team, the use of the HCFC22/142b gas mixture was discontinued and substituted with HFC 152a/DME gas mixture. We received 842.570 US$ grant from UNIDO for this process. This is great news, but it also imposes new responsibilities on us. As ODE, we will be moving ahead with the contribution of each step to the world in our mind.”


Changing the design of its product packages in 2013 and winning 2 awards at once for its new designs, ODE strives for increased environmental awareness among all social stakeholders through the green leaf symbol used on the packages.