ODE draws global attention of professionals to industrial insulation

ODE draws global attention of professionals to industrial insulation.

The 100% Turkish brand ODE, which represents Turkey in the international arena of the insulation industry, hosted the sector professionals during the Industrial Insulation and Energy Efficiency Seminar held at Radisson Blu Asia on January 7, 2014. The opening speech of the seminar which took half a day and held by ODE, constantly keeping the critical importance of insulation for energy saving in the agenda through its pioneering efforts, was held by Bahri Türkmen, Chairman of the Turkish Society of Plumbing Engineers, and Orhan Turan, Board Chairman of ODE.


Attending the seminar as a speaker from the UK, Ralph Bradley, Former President for TICA (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association in England), recognized as an international authority for over 30 years of professional expertise in the insulation field, and Former Secretary-General of FESI (European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors), pointed out the need for the selection of high-quality systems to prevent moisture and corrosion in industrial insulation, and outlined that an intensive activity is being carried out in Europe to define the standards in this field. Emphasizing the crucial importance of industrial insulation in terms of energy efficiency for the entire world, “A reduction of 620 Pj in fuel consumption and 49 million tons of carbon dioxide emission seems possible once the optimum industrial insulation target is achieved in Europe”, Bradley went on, “The cost saving measures to be taken in the industry are capable of reducing energy consumption down to 30 percent...”


Emphasizing that the efforts involving energy efficiency in Turkey are limited to the cost saving applications in buildings only, Orhan Turan, Chairman of ODE Insulation and the host of the seminar, outlined that the biggest leap in the field of energy efficiency would be the measures to be taken in the industrial sector.


In his presentation at the seminar, Turan commented, “Energy as one of the highest production cost items of the modern industrial societies has become even more important in today's toughcompetitive environment. When we look at the industrial production in Turkey, we see a larger number of high energy consuming sectors. However, energy in Turkey is import dependent and according to the figures of IMF, Turkey will pay 73 billion dollar for energy in 2017. For this reason, we should save energy not only in buildings, but also in all areas of industry. We must change our perception of insulation. We must admit that limiting thermal insulation with buildings only does not suffice, and implement insulation measures to eliminate losses of industrial energy in the shortest possible time. When we look at the world, we see radical changes in energy related geopolitics. As Turkey, we too must immediately launch a national campaign to put in practice strategic requirements of energy efficiency. Particularly, the energy saving measures to be taken in the industrial field, are capable of reducing energy consumption by nearly 30 percent. We as ODE Insulation will work non-stop towards representing our country in the global market and raising increased awareness in Turkey in this field.”


“Through the insulation of uninsulated sections and replacement of the damaged insulations, it is possible to achieve a cost saving by 75 percent in the industry.”

The second guest speaker of the seminar was Murat Aydemir, Sales Director for one of the global energy solutions giant E. On Connecting Energies.  Through his presentation “The Future of Energy”, Aydemir briefed the participants on the global implementation of the energy saving methods used in the sector and industry.


The last speaker of the seminar, Prof. Dr. A. Nilüfer Eğrican, Founder and Chairman for Suntek International, made a presentation themed “Contributions of Insulation to the Industry and its future”. In her presentation, Eğrican maintained that the incorporation of specifications on industrial insulation into the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings is a giant leap for Turkey, and emphasized that business organizations could obtain incentives in regard of industrial insulation from institutions such as the Ministry of Energy, TÜBİTAK, and KOSGEB. Also stating that energy consumption and carbon emissions would be reduced by 120% if insulation is sponsored by governmental incentives between the years 2009 and 2023, Nilüfer Eğrican went on: “The industry could save 75% by insulating the non-insulated sections and replacing the damaged insulations alone. The return on investment is less than 1 year while the investments on insulation have a life-span which is more than 15 years.”

Following the seminar, the group comprising the business world, academicians, insulation sector professionals, mechanical and installation firms, engineering and architecture companies and the media participated in the 2-hour cocktail party.