With the vision of becoming a global brand in insulation, ODE has completed the first phase of its new investment, and has started producing in the Eskişehir factory. The first phase consists of 30,000 m2 indoor area it is used  for the production of bitumen membrane, which is the main material of waterproofing insulation. According to ODE’s Chairman, Mr.Orhan Turan, with this new investment in Eskisehir, the total production capacity for bitumen membrane will be more than 30 million square meters annually, and ODE will be the leading firm in waterproofing insulation.

ODE, one of the leading companies in insulation, has started its new investment in 2015 and it has already started bitumen membrane, the main material in waterproofing insulation, in this new factory in Eskişehir.  The total of the investment will cost 35 million $ upon completion. Once this massive production base in Eskişehir is completed, the total indoor area, including the Corlu factory, will be 100.000 m2, which will make ODE the manufacturer that has the largest indoor area in Turkish insulation industry.

" With the additional capacity, we have become the biggest manufacturer in membrane production"

ODE’s Chairman Orhan Turan indicated that they did not discontinue the investment process for the Eskişehir factory, despite all the developments occurring in Turkey, and he says "We have faith in this country and we invest in the future. For this reason we have not delayed our investment and we have started producing in the first quarter of 2017 as we planned. In the first phase of the plant, we plan to produce 18 million square meters of membrane annually. Together with the Çorlu plant, we will be reaching a total of 30 million square meters of membrane production annually. Thanks to this production capacity, we will be the leader in waterproofing insulation. We have designed our factory as per the requirements/needs of the year 2030, and we have built the most modern production facility in the region. Once we complete the second phase of the investment and reach the full capacity, we will be able to produce 20 thousand tonnes of rubber foam annualy, and we will be the biggest manufacruter in technical insulation between China and Germany. Thus, we will be one step closer to our aim of being a global brand in insulation sector.”