ODE Insulation and dealers celebrated their success in 2013 in Lviv and Zanzibar.

ODE Insulation and dealers celebrated their success in 2013 in Lviv and Zanzibar.

Having closed the year 2013 with success, ODE hosted its dealers which contributed a great deal to this growth, in Ukraine and Africa…


dealers celebrated their success in 2013 in Lviv and Zanzibar.


ODE Insulation picked Lviv listed in the UNESCO list of world’s cultural heritage, and Zanzibar on the Tanzanian twin islands in  the east of Africa for its annual, traditional overseas trips with the dealers. The trips which offered a rich program composed of history, culture and adventure, were attended by 150 dealers of ODE in total. During the gala dinners organized during the trips hosted by the ODE managers, ODE’s strategy and vision on growth for the coming years were discussed, and exchange of information with dealers took place.

Emphasizing that the dealers are the biggest contributors of ODE’s achievements today, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator Ali Türker went on, “We relieve tiredness of 2013 during our trips to two different destinations we went with our dealers. As was in the last year, we had an enjoyable trip together with our dealers and their families. The ODE Insulation Family keeps growing day by day. The families of our dealers are also members of the ODE family. We are very happy to host our dealers, who provide great contribution to ODE’s success, in organizations of this kind.”

The LVIV program extending across the Poltva River and coffee mines…

Having a trip to Lviv as a European city which complements the modern side of Ukraine, ODE dealers spent 3 unforgettable days. During the sightseeing tour on the first day, the opera house, the famous Maria Zankovetska theater house, Svobada Square, Poltva River and the old town were visited. The program on the next day featured a trip through the historical beer factory site of the former Soviet Union, and the coffee mines.

A trip to ZANZIBAR full of exotic elements from Safari to a cruise through the Jozani Forest and the Persian Gulf…


The program on the beautiful Zanzibar Island of Africa as one of the world’s 10 places to be seen was attended by the ODE dealers and their families. The first stop of the ODE dealers gathering in an enjoyable and adventurous trip was the tour through Jozani Forest on Zanzibar, an eye-brightening place with its tropical climate, flora and the beautiful historical wooden settlements.

After the journey across the emerald green forests of Africa, the ODE Family visited the “Stone Town” which hosted powerful sultans, legendary explorers and slaves stemming from hundreds of different nations throughout the history. The full day Safari Blue Trip on the 2nd day of the program stopped in the Fumba fisher’s village which was followed by the unsurpassed blue sea at Minea Bay in the southwestern corner. During the Dow Cruise tour which extended to the Persian Gulf, all hidden corners of the island were visited.