ODE Nfaf

The product used for sound insulation and heat insulation has a very good sound absorption performance at medium and high frequencies. Acoustic sponge, which is used especially in air conditioning duct duct insulation, can be used for sound insulation in all noisy machines such as automotive, construction, generator cabins and compressor cabins.

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Product Features

  • There are three different types: NFAF NS, NFAF ST and NFAF 90.
  • The final layer provides acoustic solutions on surfaces.
  • It is very successful in medium and high frequency sounds.
  • When reinforced with a heavy barrier, it shows the same success with low frequency sounds.
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient is in the range λ = 0.045- 0.050 W/mK.
  • Since there is no static electricity on it, it does not collect dust.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It does not cause shedding. Due to this feature, it can be used safely in places where there is air flow.

Technical Specifications Table







Kg/m² ISO 845 +5 85
Hardness N ISO 2439(40%) - >300
Tensile Strength kPa ISO 1798 - >85
Elongation at Break % ISO 1798 - 0,045
Thermal Conduction Coefficient* W/mK TS EN 12667 -  
Burning Behavior -

BS 476 Part 6

BS 476 Part 6

Class 0

Class 1