ODE renewed its logo and motto: The Company’s sustainable future mission has moved to the corporate identity

ODE renewed its logo and motto: The Company’s sustainable future mission has moved to the corporate identity.

Representing Turkey in 65 countries across 5 continents around the globe with over 28 years of experience in the insulation field, ODE has reflected the change and regeneration process over the recent years also on its logo. Offering timeless insulation solutions to both, Turkey the world, ODE has modernized the design of its logo to reflect innovation, change, the future, and growth. Maintaining its faith in each and every step which serves a more habitable world, ODE has focused on the mission of creating lasting values for the future and changed the company motto as “Insulates the Future”, with this perspective.


Stressing out the Company’s sensitivity in the matters of sustainability, ODE General Manager Ali Türker stated, “ODE believes in the power of change throughout 28 years and now it is time to correctly appreciate the current day for the traces to be left to the future. Today’s change will serve tomorrow. “Insulation was our Passion” until today, and now, we will take our dedication to our mission one step ahead into the future. As a visionary, innovative brand investing in R&D and protecting world’s resources while encouraging its social stakeholders in this direction, the ‘Insulates the future’ slogan reflects our passion to protect the future in the most accurate sense. The globalization of our brand made it necessary to adopt a universal language as this change is also crucial for our international business. On the other hand, we also renewed our brand’s logo. We redesigned our logo with subtle changes on its existing version, but in line with the modern design trends in order to catch up with today and tomorrow. Our new logo is hinting to a more simplistic design which is useful for the current and future. In its entirety, this change will serve to a more accurate reflection of ODE which strives towards a more convenient future.”