ODE Represented the Turkish Insulation Sector in AHR Expo in the USA

ODE Represented the Turkish Insulation Sector in AHR Expo in the USA

ODE Insulation was the only manufacturer to represent Turkey in the insulation sector at AHR Expo HVACR show as one of the world’s largest expositions held in New York, USA and attended by a large number of global players.

The 100% Turkish Brand ODE which represents the Turkish insulation sector in the international arena, took part in AHR Expo with the “ODE USA NOW” concept between January 21 and 23. As one of the few Companies engaged in the exportation of insulation materials from Turkey to  USA the for the past 4 years, ODE joined the exhibition with a broad product spectrum capable of meeting insulation requirements at any heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC) project. Participating AHR Expo for the very first time and showcasing R-Flex, Starflex and Rockflex pipes and panels, and Ductflex flexible air ducts at its booth, ODE took important steps for many business endeavors in the region for the future.

Stating that the insulation industry of the Central and South America bears a particularly high growth potential, ODE Insulation Sales and Marketing Coordinator Ali Türker commented after the exhibition, “We had the opportunity to meet and introduce our products to many local and international industry representatives throughout the expo. Our R-Flex rubber foams and Starflex glass wools used in thermal insulation raised particular attraction. The potentials of the Central and South America markets can turn into a remarkable opportunity for Turkish manufacturers. As ODE Insulation, we will speed up our efforts in these markets through our broad product range and competitive and high quality products. Our exportations to the USA during the recent years yielded success. But our goals are bigger now and we aim at conducting detailed region and country based studies to expand our distribution channels to increase our business with the region.”

Planning to put larger focus on export, ODE has a tight schedule of international trade events for the year 2014. After the first exhibition participated in the USA, ODE will be attending numerous international trade fairs such as the Aqua Term, Yogbuild, and Mosbuild trade fairs in Russia; Dubai Big5 in Dubai, The Big5 Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, China Refrigeration Expo in China, and ISO in Germany. ODE will participate in the Construction Fair – Turkeybuild and ISK-SODEX in Turkey as it regularly does on a yearly basis.