ODE Rockflex Board

ODE Rockflex is a rock wool insulation material containing 97% natural fibers, obtained from basalt mineral molten into fibrous form at high temperatures. ODE ROCKFLEX is the ideal insulation material for buildings for its capacity of sound as well as thermal insulation, and for its non-flammable properties; and for installations and industrial applications for its high temperature resistance, fire resistant varieties, and its wide product range including various densities.



Rockwool panel covered on one side with aluminum foil.


Areas of Use

  • Used in air conditioning
  • and ventilation ducts.





Boards used for thermal, sound, and fire insulation in temperatures up to 760°C in industrial areas.


Areas of Use


  • Used in steel constructions,
  • process equipment,
  • industrial facilities, and
  • ready panel applications.


ODE ROCKFLEX AIR CONDITIONER BOARD Width (mm) R (Thermal Resistance )(m²K/W)

Air Conditioner Board KL60

25-30-40-50 0,69-1,39


ODE ROCKFLEX INDUSTRIAL  BOARD Width (mm) R (Thermal Resistance )(m²K/W)
Industrial Board SL70 25-120 0,69-3,33
Industrial Board SL110