ODE was Granted the Second 5 Years in TURQUALITY®

As the first insulation brand joined in TURQUALITY® Support Program, the first and only government-backed branding program in the world, in 2010, ODE has been entitled to receive support for 5 more years due to its continued successful work. 

Rapidly transforming from a local power to a global brand, ODE Yalıtım has signed another success in its 30th year with its recent investments. The 5 years of work of ODE, as the first insulation brand that joined in TURQUALITY® Support Program on March 2, 2010, was analyzed within the scope of the Performance Evaluation made by the Ministry of Economy and the support period was extended for 5 more years. In written statement made by the Ministry of Economics, the factors effecting the extension of the process were listed as level of utilization of the supports within the program, sales volume, brand strength, added value, increase in the financial strength of the  brand, the course of realization of projects in the road map to branding and increase in brand awareness over the years. 

Orhan Turan: This is the Success of ODE Family
Stating that they are extremely happy to be granted a further 5 years by Turquality in a period during which they have accelerated their investments and activities in line with globalization vision, ODE Chairman of Board Orhan Turan said, “Within the framework of TURQUALITY® Support Program, ODE has received significant support for 5 years in many areas including institutionalization, branding and marketing. As the fastest growing company in its sector in the last 5 years, we continue to grow Turkey and increase our brand value while representing Turkey in the global arena. ODE family contributed significantly to this success. I am sure that, as ODE, we will all together achieve greater success in the next 5 years with our quality manpower, powerful dealer network and new investments”.