The ODE Heatpan is produced in two separate groups: PRM (Premium) and STD (Standard), each with different compressive strength and thermal conductivity coefficients.

For the insulation of floors and roofs, ODE Heatpan DT (flat) is used.

For the insulation of walls, columns, and beams, ODE Heatpan MD (channeled) is used.

For the insulation of walls, columns, and beams, ODE Heatpan BD (diamond pattern) types are available.

In MD (channeled) and BD (diamond pattern) products, the surface of the boards provides high adhesion with plaster and adhesive. The surfaces of DT (flat) products are smooth and armored on both sides.

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Product Features

  • According to the EN 13164 standard, it is produced within the thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) range of 0.035-0.038 W/(m·K)
  • Due to its high compressive and flexural strength, its thickness does not decrease over time.
  • ODE Heatpan has an optimal water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient (μ) of 100, allowing it to prevent condensation while still allowing breathability. According to TS EN 11364, it falls within the WL (T) 0.7 class.
  • It has a temperature range for usage between -50 °C and +75 °C.
  • It can be cut with any type of cutting tool, does not crumble, and does not produce waste.

Technical Specifications-ODE ISIPAN STD


1)The edge profile is plain for thicknesses up to 25 mm, overlapped for thicknesses of 25 mm and above, and the overlap allowance is 15 mm.





2)Special products can be made to order. Product length max. It is 2650 mm.


Technical Specifications-ODE ISIPAN PRM

Application Areas

  • Facade, Terrace, Roof Insulation
    Facade, Terrace, Roof Insulation
  • Foundation Insulation
    Foundation Insulation
  • Green Roof
    Green Roof