Human Resources

Our HR Strategies and Practices

Our HR Strategies and Practices Our HR Strategies and Practices
HR Strategy

To employ individuals who are competent, educated, open to change, committed to continuous development, and take responsibility, creating a structure where employee satisfaction and loyalty are maintained at the highest level, partnering with growth strategies, and forming a workplace where talented human resources aspire to work.


Recruitment and Placement

The recruitment and placement process is one of the human resources practices we prioritize the most. We believe that selecting the right person enables us to manage their performance effectively, plan their career accurately, and achieve maximum productivity. In hiring, we emphasize the importance of candidates possessing the qualifications and competencies required for the position, being team-oriented, and demonstrating openness to change and development. We not only expect the person we will work with to perform their current tasks but also to contribute to improvements in their role.


In line with the company's strategy, goals, mission, and quality principles, we organize training programs with the aim of fostering the development of employees. These programs, designed for all employees, aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills to professionally practice their professions. Our goal at ODE is to create a learning organization and continuously develop our employees. We are aware that maintaining our leadership position in the insulation sector is possible through continuous improvement and learning.

Our Training Programs


  • We send our employees to MBA programs at leading universities in Turkey, covering 100% of the program costs as ODE.

Turquality Executive Development Program

  • To create a common management language, we send our managers to the 6-month Turquality Executive Development Program at Koç University and Sabancı University.

Management Training Program

  • To nurture leaders who can manage the future of ODE, we send our employees in specialist and assistant specialist positions to a 6-month training program called 'Future is Mine!'.

Manager Development Program

  • As a continuously growing and evolving ODE, we aim to develop our leadership team in line with this direction, sending our managers to a 6-month development program.


  • With our E-Learning programs, we eliminate time and location constraints, providing our employees with the opportunity to receive training on various topics at any time and anywhere through our web-based application.

Open Classroom Trainings

  • We send our employees to competency and professionally-oriented training sessions of their choice four times a year.
Performance Management

Our Performance Management System begins with the determination of annual company goals in line with the company's vision and mission. Based on departmental strategy and priority tasks, department or unit goals are established. In accordance with these goals, annual performance objectives are set for employees. Employees are evaluated against these objectives and predefined competencies. Managers conduct at least one formal performance review meeting with their subordinates during the year, with additional interim evaluations as needed. The results of performance evaluations contribute to data for training, development, and career plans.

Career Planning

In our company, appointments and promotions to any position are made in accordance with the principles of career planning. Promotion involves the assignment of an employee to a higher position in terms of duties and responsibilities. For a promotion to occur, the position in question must be open, the employee must meet the minimum conditions required for the position, their performance and competencies must be at the level to assume the duties and responsibilities of the higher position, and they must be nominated for the position.

Suggestion / Reward System

In order to encourage the contribution of employees in the management process across all departments, and to effectively evaluate ideas that enhance quality and efficiency in all processes, we implement an individual suggestion and reward system. Suggestions that can be put forward by employees are collected in the Human Resources Department. The evaluation committee assesses the suggestions in terms of feasibility, simplicity, originality, efficiency, alignment with goals, customer focus, etc. Suggestions that are deemed acceptable by majority vote are implemented, and the person making the suggestion is rewarded.