Our HR Strategy and Process


Our human resources strategy involves the recruitment of competent, well-educated employees who are open to change, adopt sustained development as a principle, and assume responsibility, and establishing a structure which provides highest level of employee satisfaction and engagement, shares the organization’s growth strategies, and where skilled human resources are willing to work at




Selection & Placement

The selection and placement process is our biggest focus in our human resources practices. We believe that if we choosethe right person, we will properly manage their performance, plan their career correctly, and achieve the highest level ofefficiency. In recruitment, we consider the candidates’ qualifications and competencies required by the position along with their teamwork skills, openness to change and commitment to development, of major importance. We not only expect our employees to perform, but also improve their current skills.



We organize training programs for the purpose of developing our employees in line with the corporate strategy, target, mission, and principles of quality. The training programs addressing all employees are intended to provide the employees with the competencies and skills required for professional performance of the job. As ODE, it is our goal to create a learning organization and supply our employees with continuous improvement. We are aware that maintaining our leadership in the insulation industry depends on sustainable learning and development.


Our Training Programs

  • MBA
    We send our employees to the MBA programs of Turkey’s leading universities and assume the costs of the programs as ODE by 100%.
  • Turquality Manager Development Program
    In order to establish a common management language, we send our managers to the 6-month Turquality Manager Development Program held by the Koc and Sabancı Universities.
  • Manager Training Program
    The future is mine! In order to train ODE’s future managers, we send our employees with specialist and assistant specialist status to 6-month training programs.
  • Manager Development Program

As the ever growing and changing ODE, it is our purpose to improve our team of leaders and send our managers to the 6-month development program.

  • E-Learning
    With our E-Learning programs, we eliminate space and time issues, and offer our employees the possibility to learn anything, anywhere and at any time through our web based application.
  • Open Class Training Programs 
    4 times a year, we send our employees to competency and professional trainings at their own option.


Performance Management

The process of our Performance Management System begins with the setting of our annual corporate targets in accordance with the Company’s vision and mission. The employees’ annual performance targets are set in line with the goals of the departments and divisions established in consideration of the department strategy and priority tasks. Employees and the targets are evaluated within the scope of the competencies determined and defined in prior. Managers gather with their subordinates at such frequencies as necessary, but not less than once a year in order to discuss regarding the targets and competencies. The results obtained from the performance assessments form the data which involve training, development and career planning.


Career Planning

The assignments and promotions addressing any position in our organization are based on the principles of career planning. Promotion is the appointment of the employee to a higher rank in terms of their tasks and responsibility. In order for the promotion to occur, the relevant position must be vacant; the employee must meet the minimum criteria required for the task and his/her performance, and competencies must suffice for the level of the task and responsibility, and he/she should be nominated for the given position.


Suggestion/Rewarding System

We maintain an individual suggestion and rewarding system in order to ensure contribution of our personnel across all divisions to the management process and to effectively consider any ideas that would enhance the quality and efficiency of all processes. Suggestions by employees at all levels are collected by the Human Resources Department. Suggestions are evaluated by the Assesment Authority in terms of feasibility, simplicity, originality, efficiency, compliance with objectives, customer focus, etc., and decided for implementation by the majority votes are accepted and the owner is rewarded.