Social Responsibility Reports

Social Responsibility Reports Social Responsibility Reports

ODE Insulation has built all its values from past to present on corporate culture and a lifestyle committed to social responsibility. It has undertaken all its activities voluntarily, with respect for both the environment and society. Within the framework of this business approach, he has worked with all his strength to be more useful to our society and to provide a better future; It has determined the principles of anti-discrimination, transparency and adherence to ethical values as the cornerstones of the company vision.

On the basis of ODE's social responsibility philosophy; As a part of the society we live in, beyond being sensitive to the needs, it means not hesitating to take responsibility for the betterment of life in our country and even around the world. ODE pursues a sustainable development that includes protecting the environment and natural environment, which are the most important elements of improving life; It transparently reveals all its efforts, ranging from protecting ecological diversity to reducing energy consumption, using recycled materials, and informing stakeholders about environmental management and energy efficiency.

ODE Insulation, the company that prepared the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report in the insulation sector in Turkey; It aims to add value to society by focusing on areas such as education, health and social equality, especially the environment. In addition to the social responsibility projects it implements, the company also reaches wider audiences and raises awareness through its collaborations with non-governmental organizations and universities.

Since printing the reports will cause negative environmental effects, they are shared with the public on the internet.


You can download and view our Social Responsibility Reports.

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