15 Aralık 2021
ODE was deemed worthy of this certificate with the Zero Waste Management System.

ODE Insulation, Turkey's largest insulation company with 100% domestic capital, has taken another important step within the scope of its activities by adopting the "Sustainable Development Goals", the universal call for action of the United Nations, and has been awarded the Zero Waste Certificate given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. ODE was deemed worthy of this certificate with the Zero Waste Management System it established at the ODE Production Campus in Eskişehir, which also won the "Investment of the Year" award at the "Insulation Industry Achievement Awards" in 2018.

Tarık Uslu: “We focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability”

Tarık Uslu, Deputy General Manager (Technical) of ODE Insulation , gave information about zero waste and other environmentally friendly practices. Emphasizing that the main framework of their focus for the future is sustainability, Uslu said: “Insulation, which is our field of activity, makes an extremely important contribution to leaving a sustainable living space for future generations due to its nature. In addition to being an extremely important step in the fight against climate change, energy efficiency achieved by insulation reduces energy consumption and provides economic benefits. As one of the leading players in the insulation sector, we aim to contribute to sustainability in environmental, economic and social terms” 

“We sent 13 tons of paper and 6 tons of plastic for recycling”

Stating that they closely follow all the works in the green transformation process, especially the EU Climate Law, with the Energy Efficiency Committee they formed within ODE Insulation, Uslu said: we did. As of today, we have achieved zero waste in glass and metal and saved 357.8 cubic meters of water. Again, we have saved 45.9 cubic meters of storage space for organic waste and vegetable waste oils, where we have reached zero waste. In addition, we achieved energy savings of 84 thousand 830 kWh thanks to zero waste engine oil. We used to recycle 13 tons of paper in a year and prevented 217.2 trees from being cut down. With the 6 tons of plastic we transformed, we mediated the use of 14,649 liters less oil. With the paper and plastics we send for recycling, we also prevented the release of 2,492 kg of greenhouse gases to our planet. In short, we are already very close to the zero waste target that Europe wants to reach by 2050”.

 “We will get 60 percent of the electricity from the sun”

Tarık Uslu also explained other environmentally friendly practices with these words: “We are the only insulation company with an environmental product declaration (EPD) in all product groups. In addition, a total of 16 of our product series have been awarded the EPD certificate. We continue our efforts to reduce our energy and water consumption. We are constantly doing improvement projects with A3 and Kaizen. We will meet 60 percent of our electricity need from the sun with the solar panel (photovoltaic) that we are currently installing to cover the entire roof of our facility in Eskişehir. This system with an installed power of 2,400 kWp, which we aim to commission in March 2022, is actually just the beginning for us. We aim to continue our investments in this field until our production facilities meet all of their energy needs from renewable energy sources.” 

Çorlu is next! 

Emphasizing that the ODE Production Campus in Eskişehir, which started its activities in 2017, is an exemplary facility for the sector, Uslu said: “Daytime lighting in the campus is provided with natural lighting material, polycarbonate skylights. Automatic smoke dampers also allow natural ventilation. Special systems are used to filter the polluted air that may occur. We also have environmentally friendly applications such as LED lighting fixtures, siphonic system rainwater discharge and gray water installations at the facility.” Uslu stated that they aim to obtain a Zero Waste Certificate in 2022 for the ODE Production Campus in Çorlu, after Eskişehir.